There’s a lot of confusing information out there about PSA testing and prostate cancer.

That’s why we have presented the situation and the facts in a way that is easy-to-understand.

Now we need your help to get the word out. Please share this information and website with your friends and family members – anyone who would benefit from learning about what the Task Force guidelines are saying and why we think there is more information that is important to share.

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Knowing my PSA number saved my life.

- Todd McMillon, former NFL defensive back and prostate cancer survivor

Support equal access to PSA tests for all Canadians

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    Jim Sullivan's PSA Story

    It all started because I wasn’t feeling well. After almost 2 months, I decided to visit my doctor. It’s hard to articulate something you can’t quite put your finger on – let alone diagnose it. Together, we decided to run a series of tests to see what could be wrong.

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